Contextual Link Building Strategy

Link building is very essential for all those people who have websites operating on the net. It is a complicated process which involves getting links for other sites to your own website. If your site is using this technique in an appropriate manner then the search tool would show your site among the top ten in the search results.

The popularity of your website also depends on the links pointing to your website. This process can be done by creating reciprocal responses through blogs, RSS, newsletters, e-zines, search engines and directories. It can either be a two way process or one way process.

There are many advantages of this process that is why all the web creators are engaged in it to get inbound links to their sites:

  •     It helps in increasing the traffic of your website.
  •     The popularity of your website also goes up through the link building process.
  •     It helps in improving the visibility of your website in search engine.
  •     You can also rank among the top ten by improving your link building techniques.
  •     It helps in saving your advertising money and crucial time.
  •     You also get the advantage of added resource to your website.
  •     Your website gets the much needed exposure through link building.

Contextual Link Building

This is a very new process which is a unique way of website promotion. It is done by creating back links in the content. Search engines are always looking for new and unique contents; if your website has some exceptional content then it can be on the top of the search results. Article submission is one of the best ways of this process. You can easily submit in-content responses with an article of 300 to 400 words. But to be on the safer side you need to insure that your blog is set up on an exclusive IP not in C class IP. To get more profits you can even try getting back links from high PR and popular blogs.

This method is becoming a popular SEO strategy but it should be done very safely and properly. If you submit a single article to a large number of article directories then your article can also be penalized. For getting the maximum number of responses the article should be original, there should be less use of the keywords and the text should be relevant to the keywords


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