How to Use Twitter as a Marketplace

Twitter is becoming one prominent marketplace day by day even though in the initial years, it was more popular for the celebrity updates. Now, for the newbie in this thing, the question might be how to use it as a marketplace? Twitter does not come with as many options as facebook or other social media alternatives offer but it certainly has its potential there; in fact a huge one.

Step 1: Creating an Account

It is the first step indeed. Opening up a new account in Twitter is free but for business profiles it becomes a bit tricky as well. Since it only allows 140 characters per tweet and profile descriptions, choosing the best possible words in an attractive manner to describe the business or services can be challenge. If there are specific keywords, those should be used smartly and neatly for better attention.

Step 2: Maintaining the Account

The best thing about Twitter is it allows short, simple and to-the-point tweets which today’s mass love the best. So, to use Twitter as a marketplace, clean and clear tweets about the products, services, offers and promotions should be regularly updated and obviously, in a manner that makes the followers interested. Posting nice images of goods will also create a good impression.

Step 3: Increasing the Followers

To spread the word about the brand or business, the tweets and items uploaded have to be read, re-tweeted and hash-tagged by the followers. For that, the profile needs a great number of followers first. For small businesses, it will need a lot of brainwork, some SEO help and time to build up a strong follower community. Being the follower of a lot of profiles and sharing the profile in others’ tweets as comments or asking remaining followers to re-tweet it can be the first step in this case.

Step 4: Updating and Communicating

To gain and retain the trust of the present followers and to open doors for more, the profile has to be updated routinely and it also has to be in response to the followers’ queries and comments. Replying to both positive and negative comments of followers in a tweet with a relative and polite response will give people a sense of importance paid to them and they will later volunteer spontaneously to share and re-tweet the profile.  It is all about being in the good book of the followers and communication always helps there.

Step 5: Using Other Options 

To get even more respond to the products and services offered through the Twitter account, a parallel facebook, YouTube account or a Blog can be used to get more eyes. Only Twitter can be the superstar social media marketplace indeed, but if there is time and scope, the options can also be considered to amp it up, right?

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